Menyelesaikan Masalah Transportasi (Angkutan) dengan Software LINDO

Berikut ini adalah tampilan dokumen masalah transportasi (angkutan) pada pemrograman linear dan penyelesaiannya dengan menggunakan software LINDO.

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A sensitivity analysis in the linear programming

A sensitivity analysis in linear programming is intended to know what the effect that happen when a parameter in the linear programming changed. The parameter that can be changed are the coefficient in the objective function (cost), coefficient of the constraint and the right hand side value of the constraints. Afterwards, that may becomes our questions are is the optimum value will increase or decrease or static when the other parameter is changed? or on which interval the coefficient in the constraint can be changed such that the optimum value will not change?. In order to more understand about this problem, I have attached a file about problem and solution about analysis sensitivity. If you want to know, just click this link and you will gain information/ knowledge about analysis sensitivity. Please click Sensitivity Analiysis_Ibnu Rafi.

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Problem Set & Solutions: Linear Programming

In this time I would like to share to you some problem sets and solution about linear programming. These problem sets consist of the simplex method problems, the two- phase simplex method problems, the duality problems, the simplex theory, and transportation problems. By the following link you can download those problem set and its solution. Hope you can gain advantages from this post. If you have some critics, suggestions, etc, please feel free to leave your comment or you can contact me by e-mail or Facebook. See you and have a nice day.

Simplex Theories
The Duality (using LINDO)
The Duality
The Two Phase Simplex Method
Transportation Problem (using LINDO)
Simplex Method