I got an announcement from my friend on my WA group of my class in yesterday morning. But, I just read that announcement in Monday morning. Do you know what is the content of the announcement that I had received?. Yups… the content of that announcement is a list of accepted titles of theses of the whole mathematics education department. I think this announcement became such a thing that was waited by all of the student. Haha… Fyi, in this semester (term), there are two subjects that have relation with our theses, i.e., research methodology and seminar in mathematics education. When we got the title of our theses, it means that we found such a bright path to start to make our theses proposal. Amien.

There is a surprise (maybe) that I got from that announcement. The surprise is my first thesis’s title was accepted by department, but my supervisor is not whom I proposed to the department. But, I think my thesis supervisor now is the best for me. Hopefully, I can do the best and do hard effort for my supervisor and my beloved parent.

I have a plan to write down a story about my thesis journey in this blog. One reason why I will share my thesis journey is quite simple, hopefully that my story can save every single moment that I have passed through, bitter and sweet.

See you


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